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#1 Shaped Cake

By: Pfoinkle
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#1 Shaped Cake

#1 Shaped Cake

It’s fun, it’s easy, and you don’t need a “one shaped cake pan” to create this simple Number One cake that’s perfect for baby’s first birthday, a first anniversary or to celebrate your favorite sports team’s recent victory.

This charming cake is baked in a standard square or rectangular cake pan, cut into the number one shape and then decorated. Remaining pieces of cake can be decorated for individual serving pieces and this design even includes a 4″x4″ cake — perfect to be served up as a mini-cake to the birthday boy or girl. Let the birthday child go crazy and make sure to get pictures as they trash enjoy their very own mini-cake. :D

Pattern for #1 Cakes

.PDF Pattern for #1 Cake

To make your own amazing #1 cake, start by downloading this pattern that gives you cutting dimensions for 8″x8″ cake pans, 9″x9″ pans, and a 9″x13″ pan. The patterns are a .PDF file (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Download here: #1 Cake Patterns.

Creating a #1 Cake

  1. Bake cake in either two 8″x8″ cake pans, two 9″x9″ pans, or one 9″x13″ cake pan. I used the Modified Betty Crocker Mix (White Cake) and the Butteriest Buttercream Frosting tinted with Wilton’s gel food coloring.
  2. Cut cake apart according to the dimensions shown in the #1 Cake Patterns. I use a shish kabob skewer to mark the cake for cutting. The skewer is long, flat, straight, and when pressed lightly into the cake leaves a slight impression perfect as a cutting guideline. When making a two layer cake, I stack the cakes and cut both at once (later taking them apart to add the middle frosting).
  3. Decorate the #1 as desired. Decorate the 4″x4″ cake and the additional pieces as individual servings. For the pictured purple cake, I used sugar decorations that I made myself.

#1 Cake Pan

Now, if you prefer to avoid cutting up your own cake, check out the Number One Cake Pan from Wilton.

Cake decorated with children's cereal.

Cake decorated with children's cereal.

More Decorating Ideas

  • Decorate a #1 cake with plain buttercream frosting and brightly colored children’s cereal (I used Fruit Loops and Trix).

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