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Toilet Shaped Cake

By: Pix
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I recently made this cake to celebrate my little girl’s (finally) successful adventures in potty training.  We took a trip to the local Chuck E Cheese and had a party.  What kind of cake would you use at a potty party?  Why, a toilet shaped cake, of course!
Toilet Cake

This commode shaped novelty cake can be used for so many different reasons- from “over the hill” parties, to celebrating pregnancy (think morning sickness), and more.  Fun and icky variations such as chocolate melts and yellow frosting could be added as well.  The sky’s the limit!  Along with your delicate sensibilities, of course… ;)

For this cake, I chose to use a Betty Crocker pound cake mix. I wanted to be sure it would hold its shape, and the pound cake was surprisingly delicious!

I used:

  1. Three Pound Cake Mixes
  2. Buttercream Frosting (For Fondant Base and Blue Water)
  3. Marshmallow Fondant (Recipe)
  4. Edible Silver Pearl Dust and Dowel Rod for Handle
  5. 8″ Square Pan
  6. 8″ Circle Pan
  7. Ball Shaped Pan (Betty Crocker 4-pc. Bake’N Fill Set)
Toilet Cake Pound Cake

Square Cake, Circle Cake, and Dome Cake

Toilet Cake Tank

Stacked Cake Pieces for Toilet Tank

Cutting out Toilet Lid Cake

Circle Cake Being Shaped like Toilet Seat

The Betty Crocker 4-pc. Bake’N Fill Set is perfect for this cake. I used two parts of it- the circle base pan for the toilet seat, and the round, ball shaped pan for the toilet bowl. I baked each mix according to the Bake’N Fill pan instructions, and then I baked a separate square cake with an 8″ square pan to create the toilet tank. I cut the square cake into strips and stacked them into layers with buttercream gluing each layer to the next. Then I cut the circular cake into a horseshoe shaped toilet seat lid.

I covered each section in buttercream (this is a necessary step in order for the fondant to stick to your cake). I didn’t worry too much about neatness at this point since I would be covering each piece with marshmallow fondant.

Buttercream Toilet Cake

Dome and Lid Covered in Buttercream

Marshmallow Fondant

Rolled Marshmallow Fondant

I then rolled the marshmallow fondant out into the appropriate cake shapes (circle for the dome and lid, and rectangular for the toilet tank), carefully covered each part of the cake, and then trimmed the excess fondant from around the edges.

Covering Toilet Cake with Fondant

Dome (Toilet Bowl) Turned Over and Covered in Fondant

Toilet Bowl Cake

Dome Turned Upright and Ready to fill with "Water"

Buttercream and Fondant Toilet Lid

Preparing the Toilet Lid for Fondant Covering

I used blue buttercream to fill the toilet with “water”, carefully placed the toilet lid on top of the bowl, and then placed the “tank” behind the bowl and lid.

Toilet Novelty Cake

Bowl filled with Water and Toilet Seat in Place

The next step was to shape a toilet handle from fondant. I pushed a dowel rod through it so that I could insert it into the cake when the time came. The handle was painted with a mixture of lemon juice and edible silver pearl dust.

Fondant Toilet Handle

Shaped and Silver Dusted Fondant Handle

The final product is a fun cake that looks like a true porcelain dream!


Finished Cake

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from: Kayecee

ROFL You should have added a couple of Tootsie Rolls to the water for authenticity! Great cake!

from: Barbara Mack

I love the toilet cake! I laughed and made my daughter come look. Too bad you weren’t around when I was potty-training my kids. I would had you make me a potty training cake. ROFL

from: moonduster

LOL! This is a great idea!

Hmm… I still have two children to potty train over the next few years. My two year old is, hopefully, going to be potty trained this summer. Maybe I’ll show him this cake and promise to make it for him when he is successfully potty trained!

from: Uncle Frog

That is hilarious! And right up my alley. Perhaps one could garnish the cake with some of these …

from: Uncle Frog

Ohhh, and here’s my greeting card with poem that celebrates potty training (see I told you this was right up my alley! I love it!)

from: Pix

Pfoinkle, because I love you, I will suggest that you do not click Uncle Frog’s suggested garnishes link. :)

from: Pfoinkle

Not to worry. Any link with “fakepoop” as part of the URL gets an automatic pass from me. :D