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Another Easter Bunny Cake

By: Pfoinkle
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Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny Cake

There’s the super easy Classic Bunny Rabbit Cake and then there’s this “a little bit more work, but isn’t he a charmer?” Easter Bunny Cake.

You can tell he’s an Easter Bunny because he’s so darn colorful — of course, if you prefer another color (even something bizarre like “brown” or “white”), all you have to do is select the appropriate color frosting. He doesn’t even have to be an Easter Bunny Cake, he’s equally happy to serve as the “pet rabbit cake.” Although, you might want to skip the bow tie — as pet rabbit cakes don’t usually enjoy dress up as much as Easter Bunny cakes.

Download the Bunny Rabbit Pattern

Download the Bunny Rabbit Pattern

Creating the Bunny Rabbit Cake

  1. Whip up your favorite cake batter (I made this white cake) and evenly divide the batter between one 9″ square cake pan and one 9″ round cake pan. Bake and cool cakes as your recipe requires. Remove cakes from pans.
  2. Download the Bunny Rabbit Cake Pattern (the pattern is a .PDF file which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Print out and cut out each pattern piece.
  3. Place the cut out pattern pieces on top of the 9″ square layer. Use a sharp knife to cut out the cake pieces.

    NOTE: The small piece marked “hair” is a fussy bit. I love the rakish charm it adds to the rabbit cake, but if you’re short on time or don’t like fiddly bits, you can omit this piece and still have a wonderful bunny rabbit cake.

  4. Frost the round cake with frosting of your choice (I used the Butteriest Buttercream Frosting) tinted in the color of your choice.
  5. Frost the hair, ears, and body pieces. Do not frost the edges that will be placed against the round (already frosted).
  6. Place the hair, ears, and body pieces in position with the head. Add frosting to mask where parts are joined to the round.
  7. Smooth the buttercream frosting by using the “paper towel” method demonstrated in this video.
  8. Decorate with your choice of candies, different colored frostings, or, as I did, you can make pressed sugar decorations.

Now enjoy your utterly charming rabbit cake which can grace your bunny rabbit party or your Easter egg hunting party.

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from: Kayecee

LOL I love it! Definitely much more colorful than the normal bunny rabbit cake. You never cease to amaze me woman! :) Those eyes and eyebrows definitely give it the charm!