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How to Make Black Frosting

By: Pfoinkle
Category: Frosting Recipes

Black Frosting

Black Frosting

These days, there’s not a lot of mystery left to making black frosting. Wilton’s colored gels (which include black) are available in more places (like many Michael’s craft stores) and McCormick’s has a liquid black food coloring available in many grocery stores.

Still, some tips are in order for the easiest black frosting you can make.

  1. Make your life easier by starting with chocolate frosting. It’s possible to get a black frosting when starting with white frosting, but you’ll have to add so much food coloring (liquid or gel) that you might notice a change in the taste of the frosting.
  2. If the Wilton’s gel colorings are available, choose those over the liquid coloring. You’ll use less coloring and run less risk of ruining the texture of your icing.
  3. If your black is looking a little green (sometimes a problem with McCormick’s), add a few drops of red coloring (one drop at a time). If your black is looking a little purple (a problem with some gels), add a few drops of green coloring (one drop at a time).
  4. The first time you make black frosting, be aware that the color will deepen with time. You may think you can’t get any deeper than a very dark grey, but if you’ve started with chocolate frosting, that very dark grey will likely be very black within an hour or so.
  5. If you simply can’t find black food coloring (or it’s a late night cake emergency and no stores are open), you can combine green, red, and blue, food coloring to make a passable very dark grey. It won’t be black frosting, but in a Cake Emergency, sometimes a compromise is good enough. ;)

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