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Chocolate Ganache recipe

By: Deb
Category: Filling Recipes, Frosting Recipes

Chocolate Ganache

There is an abundance of recipes out there for chocolate ganache. This is by far the easiest I have used as there is no need to pre-melt the chocolate or any other fiddly bits to mess with.

Ganache is the rich shiny chocolate topping used on cakes as a glaze, an icing or frosting or even can be used to make chocolate truffles.

Generally for a normal coating or filling I use:
1 part chocolate (white, plain* or milk)
1 part heavy cream
Small knob of butter (for shine can be omitted)

Chop 200g of your choice of chocolate and place in a bowl.
Place 200ml of cream into a pan and slowly bring to the boil.

pour boiling cream over chocolate

pour boiling cream over chocolate

When boiling pour over the chocolate and leave alone for 5 mins.

Add a small knob of melted butter or ½ teaspoon of oil.

After the 5 minutes are up whisk/stir everything in the bowl until fully mixed together.

Chocolate ganache - mix well

Chocolate ganache - mix well

Leave to stand a short while until almost cool and it starts to thicken then use as a topping or filling or both.
If allowed to cool completely the texture will be more of a frosting consistency


*If you choose to use a chocolate that is more than 60% cocoa mass it will be necessary to use more cream. Between 60-70% cocoa mass around ½ the amount of cream again and over 70% up to ¾ of the amount again.

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