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It’s Not a Perfect Metaphor (Groupies and Bad Horse Chorus Cakes)

By: Pfoinkle
Category: Fan Cakes

Captain Hammer's Groupies and the Bad Horse Chorus

Captain Hammer's Groupies and the Bad Horse Chorus

I knew I had to do cakes for both the groupies and the Bad Horse chorus and I chose mini-cakes and cupcakes because I also knew these cakes couldn’t steal the show from the leading cakes, but they had to be just as flawless, just as tasty, just as…

Okay right, I wasn’t about to make six more full-sized cakes.


  • Cupcakes
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Fondant
  • Gel food coloring (Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Black)
  • Wilton’s Silver Pearl Dust
  • Cowboy Hat Candy Mold
  • Captain Hammer Logo Pattern
  • Lolly Sticks

Stacked cupcakes with lolly stick support.

Stacked cupcakes with lolly stick support.

At this stage, I should have known I had a problem. You see, I wanted cupcakes for the Bad Horse Chorus, but stacked cakes for the groupies — so I could make them stand in a group and have the difference in heights… it seemed funny at the time. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem stacking the cupcakes.

I was wrong. Oh, it worked okay, but it made the groupies… well, lumpy. And for that I apologize to the non-lumpy actors. If you want to avoid lumpy groupies, I recommend dividing your batter in half. Use half for the Bad Horse Chorus cupcakes and half to bake an 8″ cake layer that you can cut up with a biscuit or cookie cutter. Stacking uniform cake circles would be… un-lumpy.

Once you have your cupcakes and stacked cakes (use the lolly sticks to keep the stacked cakes stacked), coat them in buttercream and wrap them in colored fondant. For the Bad Horse Chorus, use browns and black. For the groupies, match their primary t-shirt colors: red, blue, and black.

Download the Captain Hammer Logo Pattern in PDF format.

Download the Captain Hammer Logo Pattern in PDF format.

Once the stacked cakes are wrapped in colored fondant, it’s time to make the Captain Hammer Logo in fondant. Download the Captain Hammer Logo pattern. The pattern includes the logo in several sizes, choose the one closest to the diameter of your cakes. For these small hammers, I cut a circle of yellow fondant and the full hammer shape in brown fondant. Then I used a paint brush to dry brush Silver Pearl Dust on the head of the hammer.

Moisten the back of the hammer to attach it to the yellow circle. Affix the completed logo to the top of the stacked cakes.

Candy mold used to create fondant cowboy hats.

Candy mold used to create fondant cowboy hats.

The Bad Horse Chorus cupcakes are decorated with fondant cowboy hats and bandanas. For the cowboy hats, I used a cowboy hat candy mold from Candyland Crafts (mold #K-80).

For the bandana, simply cut a square of fondant, and loosely fold it over into a triangle.To attach a bandana to a cupcake, lightly moisten the corners of the bandana and place it on the cupcake. Apply light pressure for 30 seconds. Top off with a fondant cowboy hat.

To get “Attention to Detail” points, sneak in a silver hat band on the black hat. Just mix some of the Silver Pearl Dust with water and use a paintbrush to apply.

And make one of the hats a bowler. See there, I did know that one of them should be a bowler.

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