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Dr. Horrible Party Cakes

By: Pfoinkle
Category: Fan Cakes

The Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Party Cakes.

The Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Party Cakes.

ahhhhh-ha-ha-ha. So that’s, you know, coming along.

If you know me (yeah, you do), you knew this was bound to happen. Afterall, I love Joss. I love Neil. I love Nathan. I love Felicia…

I love cake.

And I knew there had to be a way to bring all this love together in one (or nine) sugary tributes to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I’ve been working on these cakes for longer than I care to admit… there were mistakes. And accidents. A surprising amount of profanity and something about a city ordinance that really…

Right. Cakes.

Dr. Horrible's goggles rendered in fondant.

Dr. Horrible's goggles rendered in fondant.

Ph.D. in Horribleness

I knew that for the goggles (and there had to be goggles) I would have to venture into the world of fondant. It was a scary journey, but past experience working with polymer clay got me through. It’s not an easy cake if you’re unfamiliar with fondant, but I found the cakey evil worth the brain pounding headache(s). Learn more about this cake…

Captain Hammer logo cake.

Captain Hammer logo cake.

Cheesy on the Outside

Let me be clear. There’s no cheese on (or in) this cake. It’s three layers of yellow and chocolate cake with a dark chocolate buttercream frosting with simple fondant accents. Definitely the easiest of the three major cakes. Learn more about this cake…

Food-shaped cake, always a fave.

Food-shaped cake, always a fave.

What a Crazy Random Happenstance

Of all the cakes I designed, I thought this one would be the easiest to create. I was wrong. Terribly. Horribly. Wrong. Learn from my mistakes. Learn more about this cake…

The groupies and the Bad Horse chorus cakes.

The groupies and the Bad Horse chorus cakes.

It’s Not a Perfect Metaphor

I knew I had to do cakes for both the groupies and the Bad Horse chorus and I chose mini-cakes and cupcakes because I also knew these cakes couldn’t steal the show from the leading cakes, but they had to be just as flawless, just as tasty, just as… Learn more about this cake…

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from: Kayecee

OMG! Love ‘em! Love ‘em! Love ‘em! ROFL Those are great! :)

The goggles are my favorite! Doesn’t even LOOK like a cake! Wonderful job!

from: moonduster (Becky)

Wow! Those look fantastic!

Great. Now I’m craving cake.

from: Carriep


And, thank you for modifying your original Cupcake cake plan for the groupies. Sounds like it would have been pretty wrecky had you went with actual cupcakes for those cakes.

from: Twitted by sagepage

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from: We’reDoomed

I love the deathray cake! Awesome!

from: Jen

Wow! These are fantastic! And they’d be just perfect for our upcoming charity screenings of Dr Horrible (part of the global “Can’t Stop the Serenity” charity events for Equality Now). Would you mind if we circulated the idea to the local event organizers? They’re gonna love it!! :D

from: Pfoinkle

Jen, I’d be absolutely thrilled — share away!

Of course, if any cool cakes come out of the process, I’d love to see pics. :D

from: Jessi

These are amazing! My roommate is a cake decorator, and now I’m going to have to bribe her to make one (or all!) of these for me… Thanks for sharing! :)

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from: Dr. Horrible cakes | greybon

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