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Spaghetti Pasta and Meatball Cupcakes

By: Deb

White chocolate Parmasan to complete

White chocolate Parmasan completes the authentic look

These Spaghetti pasta and meatball cupcakes (aka Fairy cakes) are absolutely delicious. The recipe can also be made as one large cake but I find it is easier to do the decoration and serve the cakes as individuals.

The quantities of ingredients are variable depending on the amount of cupcakes or size of whole cake you choose to use. This recipe is made to decorate 4 full sized cupcakes.

4 ready made plain/basic flavoured cupcakes(fairy cakes)

These can be home made with the easy sponge cake recipe, using a cake mix or ready bought. Because of the rather rich tasting decoration I recommend using a very basic vanilla flavour

White chocolate ganache spaghetti pasta
1 amount of chocolate ganache made with white chocolate and using 2:1 chocolate:cream allowed to cool to a piping consistency and can hold it’s shape.

Jelly/jello pasta sauce.
This sauce can be made with strawberry/raspberry Jelly or jam (jello/jelly).
Make up jelly/jello following the packet recipe but using half quantities of water. If using Jam it is best to heat and strain to remove fruit chunks and pips.
I added a few drops of red food colouring to enhance the vibrancy of the sauce colour.

100g of milk chocolate- melted
2 heaped teaspoons of desiccated coconut
The middles from the cupcakes -crumbled

Parmasan cheese garnish

White chocolate

Prepare white chocolate ganache and allow to cool down.

Prepare the jello and allow to set to a consistency that can still be poured but not runny.

Scoop out centre of Cupcake

Scoop out centre of Cupcake

Score circles into the cupcake tops using a knife and scoop out around ¼ inch of cake. Reserve removed cake for later

Seal the centre of the cupcake

Seal the centre of the cupcake

Seal the dents in the cupcake centres with a small amount of the chocolate ganache. Allow to set.

When the chocolate mixture has cooled enough to pipe begin to pipe the icing onto the cupcakes in a random fashion to imitate pasta. If you find the chocolate is losing shape because it is warming up place in the refrigerator for a short while and pipe the icing in short time batches.

Pipe Ganache to make Spaghetti Pasta

Pipe Ganache to make Spaghetti Pasta

Place cupcakes in the refrigerator to fully set.

Prepare the meatballs by adding the coconut and crumbed bits of cupcake to the melted chocolate and combine.

Make the chocolate meatballs

Make the chocolate meatballs

Form into small balls. I chose to put 3 small balls in each of the cupcakes but you can use your judgment based on the size of your cakes. The coconut and cake crumb create a more realistic texture in the balls so do not over work them.

They also helped to give a fuller flavour.

When all parts of the cupcake decoration are ready it is time to put it all together.

First spoon a small amount of jelly into the middle of the pasta, then add your chocolate truffle balls.

Add sauce and chocolate meatballs

Add sauce and chocolate meatballs

Spoon over the balls a small amount of the sauce and finish off with some grated white chocolate to represent Parmesan cheese. I used my fine cheese grater to get the exact effect. Sometimes it may be necessary to place the chocolate in the freezer for 5 minutes first.

Then there we have our Spaghetti pasta and meatball cupcakes!

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